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Things have been rather quiet on the blog front of late – the main reason for this is the arrival of the school holidays, as I’ve been spending the past few weeks pulling all sorts of tricks out of my sleeve in an effort to keep my newly-minted five-year-old entertained.

I’ve introduced him to Star Wars (lots of questions about goodies and baddies) and Lord Of The Rings (lots of questions about Hobbits and big flaming eyes). We’ve been for a trip to the South Lakes, where we trawled the shingle flats of the Morecambe Bay estuary for adder-stones:

I also picked up a rather interesting little book in a charity shop in Grange-over-Sands : Folk Medicine by Jacques Veissid is a curious compendium of old French folk remedies for almost every ailment imaginable, from anthrax to migraines.


I’d planned a post about Lughnasadh for the beginning of August, but despite my best efforts I didn’t finish in time, so it shall have to be posted late. *blush* We are also planning a trip to Alderley Edge at some point over the next couple of weeks – expect lots of photos and waffling about Wizards and Weirdstones…
For now, I shall leave you with a picture of Childe The First messing about with a cairn:


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